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Rotary Euromeetings


Rotary Euromeetings

Dear Rotarians

As mayor of Oudenaarde, I’m very honoured tot welcome you all in our gothic town hall.

Oudenaarde is a historic town with numerous monumental buildings. Each monument is evidence of the rich past of Oudenaarde, the cultural centre of the Flemish Ardennes.

It costs the community a lot of money, taxpayers’ money, to preserve and restore historical sites and buildings. It is important that people get something in return and can enjoy the treasures they helped paying for.

Awaiting coming events in march 2012, one can explore this town hall every day with a guide. This room, the people’s hall, decorated with mural paintings and stained-glass windows, referring to Charles the Fifth, and the aldermen’s hall with renaissance portal and portrait gallery of the monarchs, are unique. The former chapel with religious silver and the beautiful warden’s room with 18th century gallery, appeal to one’s imagination. Fascinating is the outstanding silver collection De Boever-Alligoridès.

Next year, the renovated cloth hall will be the permanent exhibition room for the Oudenaarde historical tapestries.

But Oudenaarde is also the economic centre of the region. Our region used to be entirely focused on textile, but over the past decennia other industrial branches and high tech companies also found a home in Oudenaarde and they still have a future here.

I am proud that it was someone from Oudenaarde, Bernard Thienpont, who initiated the Rotary Euromeetings in 2002.

I hope you will all enjoy your stay this evening at the home of a member of the Oudenaarde Rotary Club and all your activities on Saterday and Sunday.

Let’s toast on an exciting Rotary Euromeeting!

Thank you

Gepubliceerd op: 16-09-2011

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